Ballantyne Propulsions, Inc.

Ballantyne Propulsions, Inc. still remains a very successful firearms manufacturer. Due to a very confusing will structure involving multiple treasure maps amongst no fewer than 15 claimants to true inheritorship, the company has, for the last decade, found itself without an actual Ballantyne as a CEO. Instead, noted Ballantyne company man Brock Hawksmoor has been directing the manufacturer, and has had no small amount of success, managing to expand it’s business while keeping it true to it’s roots.

Some of the more well-known current production Ballantyne Propulsions products include:

- The Ballantyne Ottoman Turk: The Ottoman Turk, or ‘BOT’/‘BOT gun’ colliquially, is a longshooting and sniping rifle that was produced exclusively for the United States Military at the request of FDR. Known for it’s accuracy and range, it is chambered in a special high-powder .308.

- The John Henry Junior: Massive in size for a massive customer, the JHJ is a 30-06 revolver. A detachable shoulder stock is optional, but considered ‘nancy’.

- Ballantyne Say When Series: The Say When line are an updated, broader variety version of the popular Not Yet series of guns. They are as follows—
- Say When Garter: 6 shot, .32 ACP.
- Say When Classico: .45, Two Shot.
- Say When Super: 12 Gauge, Two Shot.
- Say When Lightning: Breach-loading 4 shot, .357.
- Say When Unreasonable: Single shot, .460 Weatherby Magnum.
- Say When Blacklist: 14 shot, .22.

- The Mouth From The South: Ballantyne’s notable failure, an attempt to get into the police contract game. An 8-shot .38 revolver of an astoundingly ugly design, the handgun ( designation MS-01 ) was made in such droves and so unpopular with it’s intended market, that they have become fairly well known as a budget handgun.

- Ballantyne Bossman Series: Ballantyne’s run of differently modified shotguns. They are as follows—
- Bossman Classic: Over/under double barelled 12 gauge.
- Bossman Duckhunt: 5 shot, 16 gauge.
- Bossman Gold Standard Competition: Very accurate, single shot rifled 12 gauge.
- Bossman Deck Clear: Short Barrel 10 shot 10 gauge pump.
- Bossman Hopalong: 12 gauge 4 shot pump.
- Bossman Ridealong: 12 gauge 6 shot riot configuration pump.
- Bossman Homestead Guardian: 4 Shot, 6 gauge, lever action, firing custom ammunition…
-Demo Crew Ammo: Heavy-grade ‘anti-structure’ pancake rounds.
-Phoenix: Incindiary rounds.
-Standard: In shot or slug.

- Sambora: Still popular after all these years.

- Ballantyne Half Cent: The Most modern gun the company produces, to celebrate 50 years of creativity, the Half Cent is a hammerless automatic utilizing the innovative ‘Ballantyne Zipper Configuration’ of magazine. The basic Half Cent available to the public comes in either 9mm or .45, and is suitable for home, field, and office.

- Half Cent ‘Hawksmoor Specification’ Special Edition: Your same standard Half Cent, but with a shorter ‘pocket’ appearance and stock pearl grips. Limited run of 150 produced.

- Half Cent Tennessee Limited Configuration: Same general build, with a nickel finish and unicorn horn grips. Features an exchange barrel system to switch from 9mm to .45, a spare 26-round magazine, and instructions on how to modify your specific Tennessee Limited to fire 3-round bursts. 30 of these special handguns were made. Ever.

Ballantyne Propulsions, Inc.

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