Dr. Augustus Cavendish

Augustus snapdragon cavendish

Dr. Augustus Stewart ‘Snapdragon’ Cavendish is a military consultant and the current head of the U.S. Guild of Thaumaturgical Arts and Sciences. An Eldren who is well into his 100’s, Cavendish is a distinguished Grandmagus who is one of the rare ‘Trident Distinction’ (Thaumaturgy, Necromancy, and Demonology) Mages in operation today.

Dr. Cavendsih is a veteran of the First World War, serving with the 5th Division Special Operations Unit. He was instrumental in transforming the Guild from a public institution to a Military academy, and remains the true head of operations, although he is rarely seen in Washington, delegating the red tape and lobbying to his second in command general William Pendegrast.

He has made his home in Los Angeles since the beginning of the Pacific Theater. He is seen publicly often, but is rarely approached.

Dr. Augustus Cavendish

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