Tramps Motorcycle Club, Los Angeles

The Tramps Motorcycle Club, Los Angeles Branch is a motorcycle club that was founded in the Watts district of LA in 1937. TMCLA is the founding branch—they have chapters in San Francisco and Reno, Nevada.

The Tramps are not considered a blight on the community. While they are gruff men, and while many of them are criminals, they also have a reputation for giving back to the community: two orphanages in the greater Los Angeles area are currently still open due to the help of the MC.

They have an uneasy truce of sorts with the Los Angeles Kustoms Klub. Pete’s Park and Eat, a local drive in eatery, is considered sacred ground and a de facto DMZ between them. Other than Pete’s, the Tramps can be found at Tramphouse, their victorian era clubhouse/barracks in the Watts neighborhood. They also have been known to be seen at Royalty Room, Mr. Black’s whorehouse—rumor is some of the Tramps do a little bit of shakedown work for Black when he needs it.

The Members of Note of TMCLA Are as Follows:

—‘Gator’. Gator is a Veteran of both world wars, the President of the MC, and renowned as much for being a no-nonsense fellow as he is for his sheer size: at 6 foot 5 and well over 250 pounds, he sticks out like a sore, Eldren thumb. Gator rides a customized Indian 402.

—‘Venice’. Venice is the VP of the Tramps, a very outgoing, charming Human. Little is known about his past, though he does speak with a fairly distinctive Brooklyn accent. Venice rides a Triumph 5TA Speed Twin.

—‘Thunder’. Formally ‘Thunderclap’, the Tramps treasurer is a Navajo veteran of the second World War. Thunder is known for being introspective and kind, but unfortunately has a bit of a flavor for the sauce. Thunder rides an incredibly rare Harley Davidson XA 750.

—‘Dustup Danny’. The Gnome Seargant at Arms is known as a man you don’t want to cross; despite this, he also is rumored to be the most charitable soul in the club. Dustup Danny drives an entirely customized motorcycle, essentially a Marman Twin frame on which a Vincent Flash motor has been frankensteined. His bike, known as ‘Catalina’, is renowned for it’s ungodly speed.

—‘King Cole’. Known as a notorious ladies man, King Cole is a Human with devestating handsome looks that yes, the girls seem to enjoy. Cole rides an Indian 841.

—‘Tex’. Tex is a strange Beastman, a Kudu from the southern united states who found himself settling in LA. He’s quite the sight to see on the road. Tex rides a customized Norton Dominator.

—‘The Jew’. The Hasidic Halfling, the Jew is actually oftentimes the public mouthpiece for the MC, as his easygoing nature and trustworthy face do much to distance the Tramps from the overall Motorcycle Club reputation as a crew of shiftless thieves. Somewhat unique among his compatriots, The Jew rides a modded Excelsior Welbike.

Tramps Motorcycle Club, Los Angeles

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